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Akka.NETAtLeastOnceDeliveryActorGetDeliverySnapshot Method
Full state of the AtLeastOnceDeliveryActor. It can be saved with SaveSnapshot(Object). During recovery the snapshot received in SnapshotOffer should be set with SetDeliverySnapshot(AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot). The AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot contains the full delivery state, including unconfirmed messages. If you need a custom snapshot for other parts of the actor state you must also include the AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot. It is serialized using protobuf with the ordinary Akka serialization mechanism. It is easiest to include the bytes of the AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot as a blob in your custom snapshot.

Namespace:  Akka.Persistence
Assembly:  Akka.Persistence (in Akka.Persistence.dll) Version: (
public AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot GetDeliverySnapshot()

Return Value

Type: AtLeastOnceDeliverySnapshot
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