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Akka.NETIPersistentRepresentation Interface
Representation of a persistent message in the journal plugin API.

Namespace:  Akka.Persistence
Assembly:  Akka.Persistence (in Akka.Persistence.dll) Version: (
public interface IPersistentRepresentation : IMessage

The IPersistentRepresentation type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIsDeleted
Not used in new records stored with v1.1 and above, but old records may have this as `true` if it was a non-permanent delete.
Public propertyManifest
Returns the persistent payload's manifest if available.
Public propertyPayload
This persistent message's payload.
Public propertyPersistenceId
Persistent id that journals a persistent message.
Public propertySender
Sender of this message
Public propertySequenceNr
Sequence number of this persistent message.
Public propertyWriterGuid
Unique identifier of the writing persistent actor. Used to detect anomalies with overlapping writes from multiple persistent actors, which can result in inconsistent replays.
Public methodUpdate
Creates a new deep copy of this message.
Public methodWithManifest
Creates a new persistent message with the specified manifest.
Public methodWithPayload
Creates a new persistent message with the specified payload.
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