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Akka.NETAtLeastOnceDeliveryActorDeliver Method (ActorPath, FuncInt64, Object)
Send the message created with deliveryMessageMapper function to the destination actor. It will retry sending the message until the delivery is confirmed with ConfirmDelivery(Int64). Correlation between these two methods is performed by deliveryId that is provided as parameter to the deliveryMessageMapper function. The deliveryId is typically passed in the message to the destination, which replies with a message containing the same 'deliveryId'. The 'deliveryId' is a strictly monotonically increasing sequence number without gaps. The same sequence is used for all destinations of the actor, i.e. when sending to multiple destinations the destinations will see gaps in the sequence if no translation is performed. During recovery this method will not send out the message, but it will be sent later if no matching ConfirmDelivery(Int64) was performed.

Namespace:  Akka.Persistence
Assembly:  Akka.Persistence (in Akka.Persistence.dll) Version: (
public void Deliver(
	ActorPath destination,
	Func<long, Object> deliveryMessageMapper


Type: Akka.ActorActorPath
Type: SystemFuncInt64, Object
MaxUnconfirmedMessagesExceededException Thrown when UnconfirmedCount is greater than or equal to MaxUnconfirmedMessages.
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