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Akka.NETActorBaseSetReceiveTimeout Method

Defines the inactivity timeout after which the sending of a ReceiveTimeout message is triggered. When specified, the receive function should be able to handle a ReceiveTimeout message.

Please note that the receive timeout might fire and enqueue the ReceiveTimeout message right after another message was enqueued; hence it is not guaranteed that upon reception of the receive timeout there must have been an idle period beforehand as configured via this method.

Once set, the receive timeout stays in effect (i.e. continues firing repeatedly after inactivity periods). Pass in null to switch off this feature.

Namespace:  Akka.Actor
Assembly:  Akka (in Akka.dll) Version: (
protected void SetReceiveTimeout(
	Nullable<TimeSpan> timeout


Type: SystemNullableTimeSpan
The timeout. Pass in null to switch off this feature.
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