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Akka.NETAkka.Dispatch.SysMsg Namespace
The Akka.Dispatch.SysMsg namespace contains classes used to dispatch system messages to the actors.
Public classActorTask
Class ActorTask.
Public classCreate
Sent to self from Register(ActorCell)
Public classDeathWatchNotification
Class DeathWatchNotification.
Public classEscalate
Class Escalate.
Public classFailed
Public classNoMessage
Switched into the mailbox to signal termination
Public classRecreate
Sent to self from Restart(Exception)
Public classRegisterTerminationHook
Public classResume
Sent to self from Resume(Exception)
Public classStop
Class Stop.
Public classStopChild
Public classSupervise
Class Supervise.
Public classSuspend
Public classSystemMessage
INTERNAL API ISystemMessage is an interface and too basic to express all of the capabilities needed to express a full-fledged system message.
Public classTerminate
Class Terminate.
Public classTerminationHook
Public classTerminationHookDone
Class Terminate.
Public classUnwatch
Unsubscribes Watcher from any death watch notifications for Watchee.
Public classWatch
Creates a deathwatch subscription between Watchee and Watcher. Watcher will be notified via a Terminated message when Watchee is stopped. In the case of a remote actor references, a Terminated may also be produced in the event that the association between the two remote actor systems fails.
Public interfaceISystemMessage
Class ISystemMessage.