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Akka.NETAkka.Remote.TestKit Namespace
The Akka.Remote.TestKit namespace contains classes that provide base testing functionality used to test remote actors.
Public classCommandLine
Command line argument parser for individual node tests during a MultiNodeSpec. Parses arguments from GetCommandLineArgs using the same conventions as canonical Akka. For example (from the Akka.NodeTestRunner source):
var nodeIndex = CommandLine.GetInt32("multinode.index");
var assemblyName = CommandLine.GetProperty("multinode.test-assembly");
var typeName = CommandLine.GetProperty("multinode.test-class");
var testName = CommandLine.GetProperty("multinode.test-method");
Public classDone
Public classMultiNodeConfig
Configure the role names and participants of the test, including configuration settings
Public classMultiNodeFactAttribute
Public classMultiNodeSpec
Note: To be able to run tests with everything ignored or excluded by tags you must not use `testconductor`, or helper methods that use `testconductor`, from the constructor of your test class. Otherwise the controller node might be shutdown before other nodes have completed and you will see errors like: `AskTimeoutException: sending to terminated ref breaks promises`. Using lazy val is fine.
Public classRoleName
Public classTestConductor
The conductor is the one orchestrating the test: it governs the Controller's ports to which all Players connect, it issues commands to their FailureInjectorTransportAdapter and provides support for barriers using the BarrierCoordinator. All of this is bundled inside the TestConductor
Public classTestConductorExtension
Access to the TestConductor extension: {{{ var tc = TestConductor(system) tc.StartController(numPlayers) OR tc.StartClient(conductorPort) }}}
Public classTestConductorSettings
Settings used to operate the TestConductor.
Public interfaceIMultiNodeSpecCallbacks
Use this to hook MultiNodeSpec into your test framework lifecycle