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Akka.NETSupervisorStrategyHandleFailure Method
Overload List
Public methodHandleFailure(ActorCell, Exception, ChildRestartStats, IReadOnlyCollectionChildRestartStats) Obsolete.
Public methodHandleFailure(ActorCell, IActorRef, Exception, ChildRestartStats, IReadOnlyCollectionChildRestartStats)
This is the main entry point: in case of a child’s failure, this method must try to handle the failure by resuming, restarting or stopping the child (and returning `true`), or it returns `false` to escalate the failure, which will lead to this actor re-throwing the exception which caused the failure. The exception will not be wrapped. This method calls SupervisorStrategy, which will log the failure unless it is escalated. You can customize the logging by setting SupervisorStrategy to `false` and do the logging inside the `decider` or override the `LogFailure` method.
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