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Akka.NETIStageTIn, TOut Interface

Note: This API is now obsolete.

General interface for stream transformation. Custom IStageTIn, TOut implementations are intended to be used with TransformTIn, TOut1, TOut2, TMat(FlowTIn, TOut1, TMat, FuncIStageTOut1, TOut2) to extend the FlowOperations API when there is no specialized operator that performs the transformation. Custom implementations are subclasses of PushPullStageTIn, TOut or DetachedStageTIn, TOut. Sometimes it is convenient to extend StatefulStageTIn, TOut for support of become like behavior. It is possible to keep state in the concrete IStageTIn, TOut instance with ordinary instance variables. The ITransformerLikeTIn, TOut is executed by an actor and therefore you do not have to add any additional thread safety or memory visibility constructs to access the state from the callback methods.

Namespace:  Akka.Streams.Stage
Assembly:  Akka.Streams (in Akka.Streams.dll) Version: (
[ObsoleteAttribute("Please use GraphStage instead. [1.1.0]")]
public interface IStage<in TIn, out TOut>

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