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Akka.NETAkka.Remote.Transport Namespace
The Akka.Remote.Transport namespace contains classes that provide for transporting messages over the network via TCP or UDP.
Public classAbstractTransportAdapter
An adapter that wraps a transport and provides interception capabilities
Public classActivity
Base trait for remote activities that are logged by TestTransport
Public classActorAssociationEventListener
Converts an IActorRef into an IAssociationEventListener, so IAssociationEvent messages can be passed directly to the Actor.
Public classActorHandleEventListener
Converts an IActorRef into an IHandleEventListener, so IHandleEvent messages can be passed directly to the Actor.
Public classActorTransportAdapter
Actor-based transport adapter
Public classAkkaProtocolException
This exception is thrown when an error occurred during the Akka protocol handshake.
Public classAssociateAttempt
Public classAssociationHandle
A Service Provider Interface (SPI) layer for abstracting over logical links (associations) created by a Transport. Handles are responsible for providing an API for sending and receiving from the underlying channel. To register a listener for processing incoming payload data, the listener must be registered by completing the Task returned by ReadHandlerSource. Incoming data is not processed until this registration takes place.
Public classAssociationRegistry
Shared state among TestTransport instances. Coordinates the transports and the means of communication between them.
Public classBlackhole
Signals that we're going to totally black out a connection
Public classDisassociateAttempt
Public classDisassociated
Public classFailureInjectorException
This exception is used to indicate a simulated failure in an association.
Public classFailureInjectorProvider
Provider implementation for creating FailureInjectorTransportAdapter instances.
Public classInboundAssociation
Message sent to IAssociationEventListener registered to a transport (via the TaskCompletionSource returned by Listen) when the inbound association request arrives.
Public classInboundPayload
Message sent to the listener registered to an association (via the TaskCompletionSource returned by ReadHandlerSource)
Public classInvalidAssociationException
This exception is thrown when an association setup request is invalid and it is impossible to recover (malformed IP address, unknown hostname, etc...).
Public classListenAttempt
Public classSchemeAugmenter
Public classShutdownAttempt
Public classSwitchableLoggedBehaviorTIn, TOut
Public classTestAssociationHandle
Public classTestTransport
Transport implementation used for testing. The TestTransport is basically shared memory between actor systems. It can be programmed to emulate different failure modes of a Transport implementation. TestTransport keeps a log of the activities it was requested to do. This class is not optimized for performance and MUST not be used in production systems.
Public classThrottleMode
The type of throttle being applied to a connection.
Public classThrottlerProvider
Used to provide throttling controls for remote Transport instances.
Public classThrottleTransportAdapter
INTERNAL API The throttler transport adapter
Public classTransport
Public classUnderlyingTransportError
The underlying transport reported a non-fatal error
Public classUnthrottled
Unthrottles a previously throttled connection
Public classWriteAttempt
Public interfaceIAssociationEvent
Marker type for whenever new actors / endpoints are associated with this ActorSystem via remoting.
Public interfaceIAssociationEventListener
Listener interface for any object that can handle IAssociationEvent messages.
Public interfaceIHandleEvent
Marker interface for events that the registered listener for a AssociationHandle might receive.
Public interfaceIHandleEventListener
An interface that needs to be implemented by a user of an AssociationHandle in order to listen to association events
Public interfaceITransportAdapterProvider
Interface for producing adapters that can wrap an underlying transport and augment it with additional behavior.