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Akka.NETAkka.Dispatch Namespace
The Akka.Dispatch namespace contains classes used to dispatch messages to the actors.
Public classActionRunnable
IRunnable which executes an Action
Public classActionWithStateRunnable
Public classActorTaskScheduler
Public classBoundedDequeBasedMailbox
BoundedDequeBasedMailbox is an bounded MailboxType backed by a double-ended queue. Used for stashing.
Public classBoundedMailbox
The default bounded mailbox implementation
Public classCurrentSynchronizationContextDispatcher
Behaves like a PinnedDispatcher and always executes using CurrentSynchronizationContextExecutorServiceFactory
Public classDefaultDispatcherPrerequisites
The default set of contextual data needed for MessageDispatcherConfigurators
Public classDispatcher
The event-based Dispatcher binds a set of actors to a thread pool backed up by a thread-safe queue. The preferred way of creating dispatchers is to define them in configuration and use the Lookup(String) method.
Public classDispatcherConfigurator
The cached MessageDispatcher factory that gets looked up via configuration inside Dispatchers
Public classDispatchers
The registry of all MessageDispatcher instances available to this ActorSystem.
Public classExecutorService
Used by the Dispatcher to execute asynchronous invocations
Public classExecutorServiceConfigurator
INTERNAL API - used to configure the executor used by the Dispatcher
Public classExecutorServiceFactory
INTERNAL API Used to produce ExecutorServiceFactory instances for use inside Dispatchers
Public classFutureActor
Class FutureActor.
Public classMailbox
Mailbox base class
Public classMailboxes
Contains the directory of all MailboxTypes registered and configured with a given ActorSystem.
Public classMailboxType
A factory to create IMessageQueues for an optionally provided IActorContext.
Public classMessageDispatcher
Class responsible for pushing messages from an actor's mailbox into its receive methods. Comes in many different flavors.
Public classMessageDispatcherConfigurator
Base class used for hooking new MessageDispatcher types into Dispatchers
Public classPinnedDispatcher
Dedicates a unique thread for each actor passed in as reference. Served through its IMessageQueue. The preferred way of creating dispatcher is to define them in configuration and then use the Lookup(String) method.
Public classRejectedExecutionException
Thrown when a ExecutorService implementation rejects
Public classThreadPoolConfig
Used inside Akka.Remote for constructing the low-level Helios threadpool, but inside vanilla Akka it's also used for constructing custom fixed-size-threadpool dispatchers.
Public classUnboundedDequeBasedMailbox
UnboundedDequeBasedMailbox is an unbounded MailboxType backed by a double-ended queue. Used for stashing.
Public classUnboundedMailbox
UnboundedMailbox is the default MailboxType used by Akka.NET Actors
Public classUnboundedPriorityMailbox
Priority mailbox base class; unbounded mailbox that allows for prioritization of its contents. Extend this class and implement the PriorityGenerator(Object) method with your own prioritization. The value returned by the PriorityGenerator(Object) method will be used to order the message in the mailbox. Lower values will be delivered first. Messages ordered by the same number will remain in delivery order.
Public interfaceIBlockingMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that are blocking
Public interfaceIBoundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that are Double-Ended and bounded
Public interfaceIBoundedMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that have a bounded size
Public interfaceIDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that are Double-Ended.
Public interfaceIDispatcherPrerequisites
Contextual information that's useful for dispatchers
Public interfaceIMultipleConsumerSemantics
Semantics for message queues that support multiple consumers
Public interfaceIProducesMessageQueueTQueue
Public interfaceIRequiresMessageQueueT
Used to help give hints to the ActorSystem as to what types of IMessageQueue this actor requires. Used mostly for system actors.
Public interfaceIRunnable
An asynchronous operation will be executed by a MessageDispatcher.
Public interfaceISemantics
Public interfaceIUnboundedDequeBasedMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that are Double-Ended and unbounded
Public interfaceIUnboundedMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics for message queues that have an unbounded size