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Akka.NETAkka.Event Namespace
The Akka.Event namespace contains classes used to publish/subscribe to events in the Event Stream.
Public classActorEventBusTEvent, TClassifier
Public classAllDeadLetters
Represents a message that could not be delivered to it's recipient. This message wraps the original message, the sender and the intended recipient of the message.
Public classBusLogging
A logging adapter implementation publishing log events to the event stream.
Public classDeadLetter
When a message is sent to an Actor that is terminated before receiving the message, it will be sent as a DeadLetter to the ActorSystem's EventStream
Public classDeadLetterListener
This class represents an actor responsible for listening to DeadLetter messages and logging them using the EventStream.
Public classDebug
This class represents a Debug log event.
Public classDefaultLogger
Default logger implementation that outputs logs to the Console.
Public classDefaultLogMessageFormatter
Public classDummyClassForStringSources
This class represents a marker which is inserted as originator class into LogEvent when the string representation was supplied directly.
Public classError
This class represents a Error log event.
Public classEventBusTEvent, TClassifier, TSubscriber
This class provides base publish/subscribe functionality for working with events inside the system.
Public classEventStream
The EventStream is a pub-sub stream of events that can be both system and user generated. The subscribers are IActorRef instances and events can be any object. Subscriptions are hierarchical meaning that if you listen to an event for a particular type you will receive events for that type and any sub types. If the debug flag is activated any operations on the event stream will be published as debug level events.
Public classEventStreamExtensions
Extension methods for the EventStream class.
Public classInfo
This class represents an Info log event.
Public classInitializeLogger
This class represents a message used to initialize a logger.
Public classLogEvent
This class represents a logging event in the system.
Public classLoggerInitialized
This class represents a message used to notify subscribers that a logger has been initialized.
Public classLoggerMailbox
Mailbox type used by loggers
Public classLogging
This class provides the functionality for creating logger instances and helpers for converting to/from LogLevel values.
Public classLoggingAdapterBase
This class represents the base logging adapter implementation used to log events within the system.
Public classLoggingBus
This class represents an event bus which subscribes loggers to system LogEvents.
Public classLogMessage
Represents a log message which is composed of a format string and format args.
Public classNoLogger
This class represents an ILoggingAdapter implementation used when messages are to be dropped instead of logged.
Public classStandardOutLogger
This class represents an event logger that logs its messages to standard output (e.g. the console).
This logger is always attached first in order to be able to log failures during application start-up, even before normal logging is started.
Public classSubscriptionTSubscriber, TClassifier
Represents a Subscription to the EventBus.
Public classSuppressedDeadLetter
Similar to DeadLetter with the slight twist of NOT being logged by the default dead letters listener. Messages which end up being suppressed dead letters are internal messages for which ending up as dead-letter is both expected and harmless.
Public classTraceLogger
This class represents an event logger that logs its messages using a configured trace listener.
To use activate this logger, modify the loggers section in your Akka.NET configuration like so,
akka {
  loggers = [""Akka.Event.TraceLogger, Akka""]
Further configuration may be required in your main configuration (e.g. app.config or web.config) to properly set up the trace. See here for more information regarding .NET tracing.
Public classUnhandledMessage
This class represents a message that was not handled by the recipient.
Public classWarning
This class represents a Warning log event.
Public interfaceIDeadLetterSuppression
Use with caution: Messages extending this trait will not be logged by the default dead-letters listener. Instead they will be wrapped as SuppressedDeadLetter and may be subscribed for explicitly.
Public interfaceILoggerMessageQueueSemantics
Semantics needed for loggers
Public interfaceILoggingAdapter
This interface describes the methods used to log events within the system.
Public interfaceILogMessageFormatter
This interface describes the methods used to format log messages.
Public enumerationLogLevel
Enumeration representing the various log levels in the system.