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Akka.NETSettings Class
Settings are the overall ActorSystem Settings which also provides a convenient access to the Config object. For more detailed information about the different possible configuration options, look in the Akka .NET Documentation under "Configuration"
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  Akka.Actor
Assembly:  Akka (in Akka.dll) Version: (
public class Settings

The Settings type exposes the following members.

Public methodSettings
Initializes a new instance of the Settings class.
Public propertyAddLoggingReceive
Gets a value indicating whether [add logging receive].
Public propertyAskTimeout
Public propertyConfig
Gets the configuration.
Public propertyConfigVersion
Gets the configuration version.
Public propertyCreationTimeout
Gets the creation timeout.
Public propertyDebugAutoReceive
Gets a value indicating whether [debug automatic receive].
Public propertyDebugEventStream
Gets a value indicating whether [debug event stream].
Public propertyDebugLifecycle
Gets a value indicating whether [debug lifecycle].
Public propertyDebugRouterMisconfiguration
Gets a value indicating whether [debug router misconfiguration].
Public propertyDebugUnhandledMessage
Gets a value indicating whether [debug unhandled message].
Public propertyDefaultVirtualNodesFactor
The number of default virtual nodes to use with ConsistentHashingRoutingLogic.
Public propertyFsmDebugEvent
Public propertyHome
Gets the home.
Public propertyLogConfigOnStart
Gets a value indicating whether [log configuration on start].
Public propertyLogDeadLetters
Gets the log dead letters.
Public propertyLogDeadLettersDuringShutdown
Gets a value indicating whether [log dead letters during shutdown].
Public propertyLoggers
Gets the loggers.
Public propertyLoggersDispatcher
Gets the default loggers dispatcher.
Public propertyLoggerStartTimeout
Gets the logger start timeout.
Public propertyLogLevel
Gets the log level.
Public propertyProviderClass
Gets the provider class.
Public propertySchedulerClass
Gets the scheduler implementation used by this system.
Public propertySchedulerShutdownTimeout
Public propertySerializeAllCreators
Gets a value indicating whether [serialize all creators].
Public propertySerializeAllMessages
Gets a value indicating whether [serialize all messages].
Public propertyStdoutLogLevel
Gets the stdout log level.
Public propertySupervisorStrategyClass
Gets the supervisor strategy class.
Public propertySystem
Gets the system.
Public propertyUnstartedPushTimeout
Gets the unstarted push timeout.
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Public methodInjectTopLevelFallback
Injects a system config at the top of the fallback chain
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