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Akka.NETUpdate Class
Instructs a PersistentView to update itself. This will run a single incremental message replay with all messages from the corresponding persistent id's journal that have not yet been consumed by the view. To update a view with messages that have been written after handling this request, another Update request must be sent to the view.
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Namespace:  Akka.Persistence
Assembly:  Akka.Persistence (in Akka.Persistence.dll) Version: (
public sealed class Update

The Update type exposes the following members.

Public propertyIsAwait
If `true`, processing of further messages sent to the view will be delayed until the incremental message replay, triggered by this update request, completes. If `false`, any message sent to the view may interleave with replayed Persistent message stream.
Public propertyReplayMax
Maximum number of messages to replay when handling this update request. Defaults to MaxValue (i.e. no limit).
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