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Akka.NETAkka.FSharp Namespace
The Akka.FSharp namespace contains an API used to interact and control the system via F#.
Public classActors
Public classActorsActor
Public classActorsActorBuilder
The builder for actor computation expression.
Public classActorsContIn, Out
Gives access to the next message throu let! binding in actor computation expression.
Public classActorsContIn, OutFunc
Public classActorsContIn, OutReturn
Public classActorsContIn, OutTags
Public classActorsFunActorMessage, Returned
Public classActorsIOT
Public classConfiguration
Public classEventStreaming
Public classExprDecider
Public classExprDeciderSurrogate
Public classInbox
Public classLinq
Public classLinqExpression
Public classLogging
Public classSerialization
Public classSerializationExprSerializer
Public classSpawn
Public classSpawnSpawnOption
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionDeploy
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionDispatcher
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionMailbox
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionRouter
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionSupervisorStrategy
Public classSpawnSpawnOptionTags
Public classStrategy
Public classSystem
Public classWatchers